Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Minotaur's Virgin Bride - New Release!

Looking for rough monster or beastman sex? Maybe you'd like a beautiful fantasy-Greek virgin thrown in? I have just the story for you, reader! ;)

The Minotaur's Virgin Bride, available now for Kindle, Nook, and on Smashwords!

This 10,000 word erotic short story follows the beautiful virgin noble Penelope, who has been chosen to save her kingdom in the only way possible: she must be sacrificed to the ravenous minotaur that rules the isle across the river. But when Penelope gives herself over to her fate, she discovers that the minotaur has no wish to devour her – it wants her supple young body for other purposes. Can she tame the beast, or will Penelope give herself over to her wild side?

Includes peril, adventure, a prayer answered, and a world-shaking defloration of a beautiful virgin by a virile, beastly minotaur!

Read an extra-steamy excerpt, exclusive to the blog:

Even as Penelope blinked in surprise at the thought, wondering where it had come from, the beast moved. It released her hands, though she could still move no more than she could fly. The rough hoof-fingers pulled aside her cloak and tore clumsily at her dress, and she knew then what it wanted.
Not her life, not to eat her, but the comfort that a beautiful virgin girl could bring to such an unmistakably male creature. Her eyes widened at the realization of what was to come – and to her surprise loins trembled in anticipation. What would it feel like? She would find out.
The creature tore aside her dress with ease, laying her bare. Its eyes were hungry as it held her gaze, and the rough strange hands touched her smooth high breasts, squeezing appraisingly. It almost hurt, and Penelope felt herself shudder. The beast rumbled wordlessly, but somehow she felt a sense of approval – whatever the test had been, she had passed it.
The minotaur hoisted her up into its arms and carried her over to a long-unused stone table. Penelope offered no resistance; she was transfixed. Some small part of her kept note of where her knife had fallen, in case she survived this. Now that she knew what the beast was after she suspected she would.
It laid her out there, hard hands questing to tease apart her milk-white thighs, denting the tender flesh. Her lips rounded a sigh of longing. Penelope found herself wanting the minotaur’s perverse attentions, wanting to give in to the lust his scent had planted in her. She felt warm all over, tender and fragile as a butterfly’s wing under those strange rough hands.
The beast had her legs spread wide now and her body spread-eagled on the cold stone. Even in the gloom she could see that its thick, massive cock was hard, standing proud and ready. Something inside her fluttered at the sight, a strange and almost familiar feeling.
With rough almost-hands the minotaur gripped her delicate curved hips, pulling her nearer to the massive member that was waiting for her. Her mouth felt dry and hot with hunger for it, and she could see the same half-crazed lust reflected in the monster’s eyes. Some small part of her was repulsed by the beast, wanted to fight back, to regain her freedom – but it was a small part and instead Penelope only lay there, her most secret places laid bare to this strange beast.
Mine,” the creature snarled again, and with that he entered her, the huge cock breaching her maidenhead with a strange half-pain half-pleasure. Penelope cried out in pain and want, wrapping her legs around the monster’s waist as it filled her entirely. She felt as if she would split in two from the sheer girth of the beast’s manhood, but somehow her body could take him in whole. Heat radiated up from her stuffed, abused loins, filling her from tip to toe just as wholly as the beast’s cock filled her...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

November Plans: Monster sex!

Do you enjoy taboo sex between beautiful women and monstrous creatures? This November is going to be kind to you, then!

I'm participating in NaNoWriMo this year with a series of 5 erotic fantasy shorts, each ~10k words long. They're shaping up nicely so far - I think you'll enjoy these!

Teasers and new releases are upcoming, so stay tuned! For the moment I just have some thoughts on NaNoWriMo for you all.

I've heard arguments for and against NaNoWriMo from all sides, but personally I think it's valuable - not just for new writers but for established ones. I'm not sure if I really count as an established writer, mind you, but I'm doing this for a living so I suppose I get a say!
I find it really encouraging to know that I'm not alone. November doesn't have to be for novel-writing, people have used it for finishing novels, or editing them, or working on all sorts of other creative endeavors... but the important thing is that it's a set time period that you can plan for, and you know there are plenty of other people working at it too. Peer pressure is useful like that.
When I write normally, if I sit down to write for the day and I end up with 1000, 2000 or 3000 words - hey, it was a good day. If I write 500 - well, not so hot, but who cares? In November I'm either ahead of or behind my quota, and I've got graphs and comparisons to other people to spur me on.

I think what it comes down to is whether or not you really need other people to compare yourself to in order to stay motivated. It's useful for me, so I really appreciate NaNoWriMo.

Will it work for you? Well, unless you try it you'll never find out...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The conclusion of the Bred by the Alien Tentacles series: #3

Hey there, readers! I'm sorry to have kept you all waiting so long, I hope I haven't disappointed anyone!
Here's the delayed conclusion to my alien tentacle trilogy. This one is a bit experimental. I had two endings for this one that I really enjoyed, and I couldn't decide which to go with... so I didn't! The e-book contains both endings, and you can choose between the two of them - or go and read both in a row. ;) Both endings are unique, and the full story with both endings is ~8,000 words.

Here's a little teaser for you all!

The queen’s face split into a smirk. “You’re an impatient little thing. So ready to be queen, are you? You’ll have your fill and then some, in time…”
The brood-queen knelt above her, knees on either side of Jasmine, hands on her breasts again. They seemed to fascinate the alien – she kept running her fingers over them, squeezing them, pinching her small hard nipples. Jasmine closed her eyes for a moment, enjoying the sensation. Her breasts had grown during her alien pregnancy, fat with milk, and she found that they were still larger and more sensitive than they had been before. She began to wonder if she could come from this alone.
She had just enough time to notice something pressed against her thigh before the queen sank down onto her and something huge and thick filled her soaking cunt.
Jasmine gasped, canting her hips up against whatever the beautifully huge thing that filled her was. This was what she’d wanted.
She heard the queen’s voice in her ear: “After the transfer is complete, little alien, you’ll be like me. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? I saw your eyes on my body – so hungry. I see the hunger in you all the way down to the bone, you greedy creature.”
Jasmine could only writhe below the larger creature, trying to sate herself. It was true – once she might have found the queen grotesque, but now she looked at the alien and felt a mix of jealousy and lust.
“Make me like you,” Jasmine breathed. “I want to be queen, I want to- to- oh, I want to come!” she cried out, bucking her hips up in frustration. The alien was being maddeningly slow, not going deep enough.
The queen’s mouth spread into an open grin. “Good. Hold on to that. You’ll have all you want and more…”

Friday, August 10, 2012

New Release Sample: Bred by the Alien Tentacles 2: Alien Brood

Here's the second part of the Alien Breeding trilogy: Bred by the Alien Tentacles 2! Read an excerpt here:
The thing turned to look at her with round, dark eyes. Its stare had a depth to it that made her uncomfortable. It began to undulate up to her, and Jasmine tried to crawl away.

Already it seemed fuller, stronger: one thin tentacle coiled around her ankle in an iron grip and the newborn alien pulled itself up, creeping up along her body.

“No,” Jasmine whimpered, too exhausted to fight back. “Oh no, not again...”

Its tentacles were hot and slippery against her bare skin, tiny suckers gripping lightly and releasing. It made its way up to her chest, where a pair of questing tentacles found her milk-swollen breasts. Even their light touch made a drop of milk leak from her tender nipples.

Jasmine tried to push it away, and the alien thing reacted quickly: one of its deceptively strong tentacles lashed out and gripped her wrists, bringing them together and binding them tight, pressed against her now-empty stomach. With no way left to interfere, exhausted from the creature's birth and her many orgasms, Jasmine could only lie there as the thing latched a pair of sucker-tipped tentacles onto her nipples...

Monday, July 30, 2012

New Release Sample: Bred by the Alien Tentacles

Hey there, folks. It's been a while, but I'm finally back in action! Here's a sample from my latest story, Bred by the Alien Tentacles:

Jasmine felt her mouth drop open. A multitude of tentacles had emerged from the depressions in the wall. There were various shapes and sizes: some were only as thick around as a few of her fingers held together, while others were as thick as her forearm.

Some were smooth and tapered, some were ridged and had tips like spades, some were covered in suction cups - and everywhere she turned there were new and different kinds.

They all had one thing in common, however: they were all converging on her. She turned and tried to run but she was met by more and more tentacles no matter where she looked.

Jasmine held up her bedsheets like a shield, but they were snatched away and in an instant she was being held down by some of the stronger tentacles. They coiled around her wrists and ankles, pinning her to the smooth rounded floor and laying her bare for their brethren....

Sunday, April 29, 2012

You Are Good Enough

"I'm not good enough."

Those four little words are like a personal plague, something that chews me up from the inside out. I know I'm not the only one: I've been in any number of creative hobbies over the years, and that sentiment twisted through them like poison vapor. It's always there. Once you learn enough about something to realize how much there is to learn, how much you don't know, it can be crushing. If your self-confidence is weak to begin with, it could be too much, you might just give up - after all, you'll never be good enough.

I'm not a very confident person, truth be told. If I don't correct myself I'm shy, I'm quiet, and I have a tendency to wait so long for everyone else to have their say that I end up saying nothing. (I suppose I'm living proof of every warning you've ever had about how it's always the quiet ones that are... well, in my case, secretly a filthy pervert. But I digress.)
In short, I don't believe that I'm good enough, and maybe I never will. I deal with it. Self-doubt doesn't mean that I should give up, it means that I should try to prove myself wrong. The worst I can do is to meet my expectations, after all. Maybe some people are just naturally self-confident; I know that I'm not, but that doesn't mean the rest of the world has to know. You're the only one who knows what you think of yourself.

My point here is that even if you feel like a hack, a dunce, like all you've made belongs at the bottom of the Marianas Trench and that even there the eyeless bottom-feeders will bump into it, in the true blackness, and recoil in disgust... don't believe yourself. Keep going. Keep trying! You can only improve if you don't quit, and simple perseverance can keep you a step ahead.

You're not the best yet, but everyone starts somewhere. Give yourself a chance.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

On Research...

Erotica - at least as I write it - actually involves a surprising amount of research.

No, not just "research" (although that's my favorite kind, really), I mean more traditional research that could be expected for any book or story. What is this environment like? What kinds of plants do you find here? Is it reasonable to assume there would be an excess of coffee shops in a given setting?

To be fair, this is erotica, and you get your fair share of less conventional subjects. Let me use my most recent story as an example.

The story is about an ecologist who encounters a herd of wild horse-shifter men while she's out doing field work. She makes the decision to join the herd and become a shifter herself - and of course, in order to do this, she needs to take the herd as her mates. As one does.

I was able to pull some of the material for the story from personal experience, but other topics required further research. Some of these may or may not show up until later in the series, but I wouldn't want to give away everything at once!

Off the top of my head, I had to research:

  • Horse coat colors and name
  • Wild horse breeds: did you know that the breeds we think of as wild horses are actually considered feral horses? Before I wrote Taming Her Herd, I didn't! It turns out that the only surviving horse species that has never been domesticated is Przewalski's Horse, native to central Asia. All the others - mustangs and whatnot - are actually descended from domesticated horses, and are considered feral rather than wild.
  • Prairie ecosystems (because accuracy matters!)
  • From the above, prairie predators: while they're not likely to feature in the series, black-footed ferrets are adorable, and I had never heard of them before. On second thought, maybe I'll work them in. Ferret shifters, anyone?
  • The exact mechanics behind double vaginal penetration. Because this is still erotica, after all.
That's just for a single 6,000 word story - I have some longer pieces in the works that are taking much more effort.

This is really one of the things I love about writing. It always gets me thinking about new things, and I end up learning because of it!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Self-Publishing Sales Spreadsheet Download

When you're self-employed in any respect, it's very important to keep clear, accurate records. Knowing how to work with spreadsheets can streamline that, particularly when it comes to your earnings and expenses.

If you're just starting out and you haven't gotten the hang of spreadsheets yet, here's something to help!

I've made a spreadsheet template for anyone who's self-publishing e-books. It's not perfect, and it's designed for erotica authors specifically, but you could easily change the titles and numbers if you're publishing on different sites.

This spreadsheet assumes that your e-books are priced at $2.99. The royalty estimates for Amazon and Smashwords will give you a slightly high estimate - there are fields to fill in actual royalties for the month. It will highlight the highest sellers/earners, per-site and overall. It includes a sheet for each month, plus a yearly total sheet that will sum up the other 12.

It's an .ods file, which will work with OpenOffice. It's free - if you don't have a certain other office software suite, you should go download it!

Again, this spreadsheet is certainly not perfect, but it could be a good starting point. Off the top of my head it contains examples of (fairly simple) functions and conditional formatting.

Good luck! :)

New Release: My Best Friend's Heart

Something to end the month on a sweet note! A bit more romantic than some of my other titles so far. :)

In My Best Friend's Heart, Chloe's best friend, Alice, is visiting for the night. Just like normal, except Chloe's finally admitted it to herself: she's in love with her friend. Will her confession shatter the best friendship she's ever had - or will it lead to the two friends discovering more about each other than they have before?

My Best Friend's Heart

Alice kisses you and her mouth is gentle and warm and sweet against your own, and wholly unexpected. You never considered it could go like this but you don't care, you're pressing your lips back against hers and she's not like any of the men you've ever dated, all precise and so yielding.
She pulls away and she's still looking at you like she's never seen you before, clasping your hands gently in her own. Have they always been so warm, so gentle?
"We've both been fooling ourselves for a long time, haven't we?" she asks, and there's relief in her voice. Oh my god, you think, I was an idiot.
"We have," you agree and now you're kissing her again, and her mouth opens for you and she's still nothing like a man, so careful and tidy and soft, and you could just kiss her forever. She puts her arms around you and you can feel her fingertips press ever-so-lightly against your shoulder blades as you map her mouth, learning it like you've learnt so much else of her. How did you never realize that you wanted this?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Safe Sex in Erotica

Do you prefer the sex in your erotica to be safe or not? Safe as in everyone is verified STD-free, and (where applicable) condoms, dams, etc. are used?

It came up again today, and it's something I've thought about before. A bit of research into the subject has turned up mostly two views:

  • Unsafe sex is icky and unpleasant, and it's a turn-off if the scene doesn't either include a condom or a mention of being clean and on birth control of some sort
  • Condom use detracts from the scene and is unpleasant/unarousing
I can understand both the pro-condom and anti-condom sides here. There's nothing sexy about infections or unplanned pregnancies (unless you're into that, but if that's the intent of the story this doesn't really apply), but at the same time, stopping the action to get your contraceptives sorted out can be decidedly unsexy and potentially ruin the flow of the scene.

So if you're writing erotica, which approach should you take?

Well, first off I'd say you should go with whichever one you're more comfortable with. As with many topics in erotica, if you're really, genuinely uncomfortable writing something - don't! I'm not saying that you shouldn't push your boundaries, but if you know something squicks you, your writing is likely to suffer from it.

That said, if you'd like to compromise between the two options, there's plenty of room to do so. Writing about a bunch of vampire fellas taking turns barebacking a werewolf? It's all good: as the undead and shapeshifters, they obviously aren't susceptible to mere venereal diseases, and you can slip in a line to that effect. Condomless sex between an established heterosexual couple? It's all good, she's on the pill. Same couple, but with a condom? You could slip in a mention after the scene or gloss over the prep a bit - or you could work it into the sex by having the woman help out. There's plenty of options!

I personally fall under the "unsafe sex is kind of icky" camp: it's not an all-or-nothing thing and I can understand the frustration with condoms in sex scenes, but all the same I appreciate a little note that no one is going to wake up the next morning and have it burn when they pee, you know

And a caveat: much of this obviously won't apply to historical settings, and some fantasy settings.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Tuesday treat: coupon code

A treat for you all: a coupon for my newest story, Hunting the Alpha! It's a gay erotic fantasy short, featuring a shapeshifter bounty hunter, a werewolf, and the pack he's made for himself.

25% off - only $2.09
Coupon Code: AJ23Z
Good until April 3!

"Hello again, pack-brothers! What news do you have for me?"
One of them bowed his head respectfully as the other spoke. "Rolf, we did not see-"
He was cut off as the storyteller pounced on him like lightning, pinning him to the ground and smiling too wide - no, baring his teeth. His voice was sharp as he spoke.
"What do you call me when you speak to me and I have not given you permission to use my name, Henry?"
Henry winced and let out a low whine, groveling under Rolf. "Alpha, I am sorry, I did not mean to disrespect you - it is all so new still -"
Rolf bit his throat and drew another whine from Henry. The men around them were watching silently, with something strange in their eyes… was it eagerness?
"Whelp! On your hands and knees like the insolent pup you are, or I will tear your throat out!" Rolf snarled. The unfortunate Henry whined and whimpered like a dog - like a wolf, Derik thought quietly - and rolled onto his hands and knees. Rolf yanked Henry's trousers down, unbuttoning his own.

Hope you enjoy it!

A Quick 'n Dirty Intro

Hello there! Chances are you're here because you're looking for a fun, dirty read, and I hope you won't be disappointed.

I'm a professional indie erotica author and I've never been happier - I'd always wanted to be an author, and this job has taught me that I really can be one. :)

This blog will feature excerpts and coupons from my stories, along with my thoughts and opinions on publishing as an indie author, writing, and life in general.

Here's hoping you enjoy the ride!