Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Release: My Best Friend's Heart

Something to end the month on a sweet note! A bit more romantic than some of my other titles so far. :)

In My Best Friend's Heart, Chloe's best friend, Alice, is visiting for the night. Just like normal, except Chloe's finally admitted it to herself: she's in love with her friend. Will her confession shatter the best friendship she's ever had - or will it lead to the two friends discovering more about each other than they have before?

My Best Friend's Heart

Alice kisses you and her mouth is gentle and warm and sweet against your own, and wholly unexpected. You never considered it could go like this but you don't care, you're pressing your lips back against hers and she's not like any of the men you've ever dated, all precise and so yielding.
She pulls away and she's still looking at you like she's never seen you before, clasping your hands gently in her own. Have they always been so warm, so gentle?
"We've both been fooling ourselves for a long time, haven't we?" she asks, and there's relief in her voice. Oh my god, you think, I was an idiot.
"We have," you agree and now you're kissing her again, and her mouth opens for you and she's still nothing like a man, so careful and tidy and soft, and you could just kiss her forever. She puts her arms around you and you can feel her fingertips press ever-so-lightly against your shoulder blades as you map her mouth, learning it like you've learnt so much else of her. How did you never realize that you wanted this?

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