Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Tuesday treat: coupon code

A treat for you all: a coupon for my newest story, Hunting the Alpha! It's a gay erotic fantasy short, featuring a shapeshifter bounty hunter, a werewolf, and the pack he's made for himself.

25% off - only $2.09
Coupon Code: AJ23Z
Good until April 3!

"Hello again, pack-brothers! What news do you have for me?"
One of them bowed his head respectfully as the other spoke. "Rolf, we did not see-"
He was cut off as the storyteller pounced on him like lightning, pinning him to the ground and smiling too wide - no, baring his teeth. His voice was sharp as he spoke.
"What do you call me when you speak to me and I have not given you permission to use my name, Henry?"
Henry winced and let out a low whine, groveling under Rolf. "Alpha, I am sorry, I did not mean to disrespect you - it is all so new still -"
Rolf bit his throat and drew another whine from Henry. The men around them were watching silently, with something strange in their eyes… was it eagerness?
"Whelp! On your hands and knees like the insolent pup you are, or I will tear your throat out!" Rolf snarled. The unfortunate Henry whined and whimpered like a dog - like a wolf, Derik thought quietly - and rolled onto his hands and knees. Rolf yanked Henry's trousers down, unbuttoning his own.

Hope you enjoy it!

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