Friday, May 31, 2013

The Human Cow: Transformed and Milked

Here's that fetish short I promised you all! In the same vein as my previous title, Milked by the Aliens, The Human Cow features a woman transformed to provide human milk... but this time with an animalistic twist - the heroine, Abby, becomes a cow-woman as her breasts grow and begin to produce milk!

Read an exclusively steamy excerpt!

Another glass, another, and now she was drinking straight from the cool glass bottle, head swimming with the taste – licking the last drop from the lip of it, seeking more and not finding it…
She set the bottle down, licking her lips. There was a strange warmth in the pit of her stomach now, even though the cream had been quite cold.
“Great stuff,” she sighed contentedly. “Really great. I mean, wow...” Abby blinked, trailing off. The warm, tingling feeling – it was really quite pleasant – seemed to be spreading through her, making the small fine hairs on her arms and the back of her neck stand on end. “What…?”
Mr. Nicholson smiled at her, and now she could see the edge of eagerness behind it – not just eagerness for a new creation to receive a good reception. A look of expectation.
She looked down at herself and gasped in surprise. All she felt was the sense of pleasant, tingling warmth, almost like a warm breeze on her skin, but she could see her breasts growing, swelling like ripe and heavy fruit. What had been modest handfuls strained against her bra until she felt the clasp give with a pop.
“What did you-“
As soon as she began to speak, Abby felt the warmth shifting – even as her breasts continued to grow larger and heavier, she could feel a strange (but not unpleasant) tingling at the base of her spine and a bit above her ears. She turned to her reflection in the dark glass of the window and gasped out loud.
Her figure was now curvaceous to an extreme, but that wasn’t all. A pair of tiny, nublike horns grew from her head, small but still obvious – and she recognized them as a cow’s horns, the kind that the females of some breeds had. Even if she hadn’t recognized them, the skinny, hair-tufted tail that now extended from the base of her spine, just above the waist of her skirt, would have made it obvious.
Somehow, the delicious cream had turned her into some kind of human-cow hybrid.

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