Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Minotaur's Virgin Bride - New Release!

Looking for rough monster or beastman sex? Maybe you'd like a beautiful fantasy-Greek virgin thrown in? I have just the story for you, reader! ;)

The Minotaur's Virgin Bride, available now for Kindle, Nook, and on Smashwords!

This 10,000 word erotic short story follows the beautiful virgin noble Penelope, who has been chosen to save her kingdom in the only way possible: she must be sacrificed to the ravenous minotaur that rules the isle across the river. But when Penelope gives herself over to her fate, she discovers that the minotaur has no wish to devour her – it wants her supple young body for other purposes. Can she tame the beast, or will Penelope give herself over to her wild side?

Includes peril, adventure, a prayer answered, and a world-shaking defloration of a beautiful virgin by a virile, beastly minotaur!

Read an extra-steamy excerpt, exclusive to the blog:

Even as Penelope blinked in surprise at the thought, wondering where it had come from, the beast moved. It released her hands, though she could still move no more than she could fly. The rough hoof-fingers pulled aside her cloak and tore clumsily at her dress, and she knew then what it wanted.
Not her life, not to eat her, but the comfort that a beautiful virgin girl could bring to such an unmistakably male creature. Her eyes widened at the realization of what was to come – and to her surprise loins trembled in anticipation. What would it feel like? She would find out.
The creature tore aside her dress with ease, laying her bare. Its eyes were hungry as it held her gaze, and the rough strange hands touched her smooth high breasts, squeezing appraisingly. It almost hurt, and Penelope felt herself shudder. The beast rumbled wordlessly, but somehow she felt a sense of approval – whatever the test had been, she had passed it.
The minotaur hoisted her up into its arms and carried her over to a long-unused stone table. Penelope offered no resistance; she was transfixed. Some small part of her kept note of where her knife had fallen, in case she survived this. Now that she knew what the beast was after she suspected she would.
It laid her out there, hard hands questing to tease apart her milk-white thighs, denting the tender flesh. Her lips rounded a sigh of longing. Penelope found herself wanting the minotaur’s perverse attentions, wanting to give in to the lust his scent had planted in her. She felt warm all over, tender and fragile as a butterfly’s wing under those strange rough hands.
The beast had her legs spread wide now and her body spread-eagled on the cold stone. Even in the gloom she could see that its thick, massive cock was hard, standing proud and ready. Something inside her fluttered at the sight, a strange and almost familiar feeling.
With rough almost-hands the minotaur gripped her delicate curved hips, pulling her nearer to the massive member that was waiting for her. Her mouth felt dry and hot with hunger for it, and she could see the same half-crazed lust reflected in the monster’s eyes. Some small part of her was repulsed by the beast, wanted to fight back, to regain her freedom – but it was a small part and instead Penelope only lay there, her most secret places laid bare to this strange beast.
Mine,” the creature snarled again, and with that he entered her, the huge cock breaching her maidenhead with a strange half-pain half-pleasure. Penelope cried out in pain and want, wrapping her legs around the monster’s waist as it filled her entirely. She felt as if she would split in two from the sheer girth of the beast’s manhood, but somehow her body could take him in whole. Heat radiated up from her stuffed, abused loins, filling her from tip to toe just as wholly as the beast’s cock filled her...