Friday, August 10, 2012

New Release Sample: Bred by the Alien Tentacles 2: Alien Brood

Here's the second part of the Alien Breeding trilogy: Bred by the Alien Tentacles 2! Read an excerpt here:
The thing turned to look at her with round, dark eyes. Its stare had a depth to it that made her uncomfortable. It began to undulate up to her, and Jasmine tried to crawl away.

Already it seemed fuller, stronger: one thin tentacle coiled around her ankle in an iron grip and the newborn alien pulled itself up, creeping up along her body.

“No,” Jasmine whimpered, too exhausted to fight back. “Oh no, not again...”

Its tentacles were hot and slippery against her bare skin, tiny suckers gripping lightly and releasing. It made its way up to her chest, where a pair of questing tentacles found her milk-swollen breasts. Even their light touch made a drop of milk leak from her tender nipples.

Jasmine tried to push it away, and the alien thing reacted quickly: one of its deceptively strong tentacles lashed out and gripped her wrists, bringing them together and binding them tight, pressed against her now-empty stomach. With no way left to interfere, exhausted from the creature's birth and her many orgasms, Jasmine could only lie there as the thing latched a pair of sucker-tipped tentacles onto her nipples...